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    Electrical Services
    • Designing and Execution of 11 / 22 / 33 / 66 / 132 KV switchyard job with 66 KV O/H Line consisting of engineering / preparation of system design & drawings / supply / installation / testing / commissioning of switchyard equipments like 2-pole structure, OH line, transformers, Breakers, HT/LT Panels, HT/LT cable laying & termination, Earthing Station/system, Lighting, etc. complete.
    • Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of electrical equipment like HT/LT Switchgear, Transformers, HT/LT Motors, Alum. Bus-duct of rating 600/800/1000/1600/2500/3200 Amp, control panels, distribution boards, interlock testing, protection checks, primary and secondary injection, relay testing, etc.
    • Design, Fabrication, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Power Control Centre, Main Power Distribution Board, Motor Control Centre, Main Lighting Distribution Board, Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel, thyristorised Control Panel, HT/LT Bus ducts, Programmable Logic Control Panel and other panel boards as per tailor made requirement.
    • Design, Schedule, Preparation and Laying of HT & LT power/control cables, special instrument & control cables underground or on trays, walls, structures, etc. as required.
    • Cable end termination of HT & LT, Outdoor/Indoor types using Heat Shrink/Push on type terminations and making of straight through joints using Compound / Heat Shrink type kits.
    • Detailed instrumentation design to suit process requirements. , Preparing of final P & ID tag nos, Selection of instruments & spares requirement, Instruments list/ data sheets/ specification, Procurements of instruments including sensors, cables & accessories, Procurements of junction boxes, tubing, cable trays, etc, Installations & commissioning of instruments, sensors, cables, transmitters including support fabrication, Supply & installation of instrumentation control panels, Loop testing & calibration of instrumentation system, Design development & installation of PC, PLC, SCADA & DCS system.
    • Designing, installation, testing and commissioning of illumination systems in industrial plants, outdoor & indoor, consisting of different types of lighting fixtures (normal/ flameproof type/increased safety type) installation of walls, structures, chimney, Offices, control etc.
    • Designing, installation, testing and commissioning of Street Lighting system using MH/HPMV/HPSV lighting fixtures, MS tubular/rail poles, PSC poles incl. Tower lighting etc.
    • Designing, installation, testing and commissioning of Earthing system consisting of Pipe type/Plate type Earthing stations, incl. Relevant civil works, installation of earth strips, grid formation, interconnection, equipment Earthing.
    • Designing and installation of Lightning protection systems incl. Installation of lightning phenyls on high rise structures, buildings, tanks, laying of strips, Earthing stations, etc.
    • Fabrication of structures, ladder type cable trays, joining of readymade trays, accessories, frame work, heavy supports structural work for the trays, base frames, etc.
    • D.G. set installation, testing & commissioning including preparation of drawing & approval of Installation from the Electrical Inspector as per Govt. Rules & Regulation.
    • Testing of Protective relays, Transformer Oil testing, Calibration of Ammeter, Voltmeter as per ISO procedure, Hypo test of cable etc.
    • Round the clock maintenance in the field of Electrical and instruments.
    • Providing man power services for Electrical Installation.


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